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As one of Tobago’s more popular fishing villages, Charlotteville is a prized destination for sport fishing enthusiasts and foodies. Come experience the local fishing culture and sample fresh seafood!



“Pulling seine” is a traditional fishing method where a large net, called a seine, is pulled through the water by a group of fishermen. The community and visitors are always welcome to get involved!

Snorkelling & Diving


NE Tobago boasts an underwater wonderland, 50 well-established dive spots, over 3,000 species of marine life, and the largest brain coral in the western hemisphere! Dive in and don’t miss out! 

Must-See SITEs

Lover's Bay


Another hidden natural gem off the beaten path on Tobago’s NE coast is the pink sand cove of Lover’s Bay. Enjoy a two-in-one by chartering a boat in Charlotteville and seeing Pirate’s Bay on the way there!

Lure Cocoa Estate


The Lure Great River Cocoa Experience offers exotic cocoa tours and hikes that include exciting attractions such as the enactment of “Dance d Cocoa,” waterfalls, waterwheel artifacts, and a Chef-Guided cooking experience!

Rainforest Reserve


Charlotteville is situated at the foot of the majestic Main Ridge mountains — the oldest declared rainforest reserve in the world — since 1776! The Main Ridge supports globally significant levels of biodiversity, including 128 bird species and 662 plant species. 

Little Tobago Island


In Speyside, 13 minutes from Charlotteville, charter a glass-bottomed boat trip to reach this island seabird sanctuary. Spotting vivid corals and colourful tropical fish on the way there is always a happy bonus!

Speyside Lookout


Like Charlotteville, Speyside is a small community that packs a big punch! Visit Bird of Paradise Island, dive many of the reefs off the coast of the village, then hop on over to the Speyside Waterwheel for a bit of history.

Castara Weekends


Just an hour from Charlotteville is the vibrant community of Castara that never seems to sleep! With bonfires on Thursdays, drumming circles on Fridays, and traditional dirt oven baking on weekends, you can never get bored!

popular dining

Sharon and Phebs


Craving traditional local meals while surrounded by hillside canopies?
Contact (868) 687-2467.

Suckhole Restaurant


Eager for delicious exotic fast foods near the edge of a rumoured whirlpool? Contact (868) 710 (3962).

Jemma's Treehouse


Longing for a lunch and dinner experience in the trees above the sea? Contact (868) 660-4066.

More to Tobago

Further away from the airport, but worth every minute of the drive…

The Cholson Chalets, Charlotteville, and the neighbouring towns of Speyside and Castara in NE Tobago have something for every travel bucket list.

A favourite of eco-tourists, adventure seekers, bird watchers, avid hikers, fishing enthusiasts, culture vultures, history buffs — all those who understand that there’s so much that the “other side” of Tobago has to offer.

Charlotteville is in the heart of Tobago’s northeast ecosystem with many trails to the rainforest. A short walk from Pirate’s Bay, Fort Campleton and short boat rides to the scenic beaches of Campleton Bay, Sand Bay, Waterfall Bay, Lover’s Bay and Hermitage Bay, a stay at the Cholson Chalets places you within arms reach of your IDEAL OUTDOOR, HISTORIC, or DINING experience. Below are more places to dash and dine!

Fort Campleton

 A 20-minute walk from Charlotteville, the Fort Campleton Battery offers beautiful views from lavishly landscaped grounds.

Flagstaff Hill

Stunning sunset views over Charlotteville and St. Giles and nighttime birdwatching are just a few treats from the Hill!

Dirt Oven Baking

Enjoy traditional African dirt oven baking! From loaves and tarts to traditional delicacies dished up on banana leaves.

Man O’ War Bay

This horseshoe-shaped, palm-studded, yellow sand beach boasts picture-perfect swimming, fishing, and sunset-viewing opportunities.

Pirate’s Bay

Once featured in the 1952 Robinson Crusoe movie, this Bay is one of the most treasured for its calm, clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Argyle Waterfall

On the way to Charlotteville is Tobago’s highest waterfall at 175 feet featuring three dramatic levels replete with pools and lush rainforest.

Seaside Kitchen

Looking for small local bites? Visit Seaside Kitchen in Charlotteville for delicious breakfast and pastries.

Contact (868) 326-7651.

Camela’s Kitchen

Passing through Charlotteville on the weekend? Connect at Camela’s Kitchen for mouthwatering weekend specials.

Contact (868) 336-1581.

Massages by Carron

What’s a sweet Charlotteville stay without a little extra pampering? Book a spa day with Carron Williams at (868) 781 0906.

Local Tour Guides

Walking Tours

Wander Charlotteville Pier, Argyle Waterfall, Lure Cocoa Estate, Flagstaff Hill, Fort Campleton with Baxter Lewis.

Call (868) 380-2500.

Water Tours

Explore five (5) major beaches by boat, and indulge in fishing, diving, and snorkelling with Mark McKenzie.

Call (868) 286-4155.

Nature Tours

Discover Little Tobago Island, enjoy bird watching, and explore the vast Main Ridge rainforest reserve with Zee Birding Tours.

Call (868) 470-7084.

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